Why is Wellington advertising age still in the spotlight?

Posted by Stuff Media on Monday, January 28, 2019 06:03:30 The Wellington Advertising Age was introduced to New Zealand in December 1972.

Its objective was to improve consumer understanding of the advertising industry.

The aim was to encourage better consumer behaviour, particularly by increasing the number of consumers who can participate in the advertising system.

It was introduced in order to promote “consumer participation”.

The introduction of the New Zealand Advertising Age coincided with the introduction of new legal obligations on the part of the industry.

The introduction of advertising as a compulsory element of consumer contracts and the introduction by the Government of the Fair Deal Act (FDA) in 1977 meant that advertising could no longer be restricted by the laws of the state.

By the time of the FDA’s introduction, the Wellington Advertising Association had grown to over 40 members.

As the Wellington Times reported in 2007, “The association’s current membership is around 30 members.

The industry is worth $8 billion a year and the Wellington area is home to about 400,000 businesses.”

New Zealand had an established and successful advertising industry and its members were well aware of the importance of the publication of accurate information.

While it had an effective system, the system had failed.

“The Wellington Advertising Board (WA) was aware of this problem and it was working on ways of improving the advertising experience for people.

It was called the ‘Wellington Advertiser Service’.”

The advertising board had been working on a ‘wellington service’ for several years and had been considering how best to provide advertising on a more regular basis to all those who used the service.

“As part of this work, the advertising board proposed that the Wellington advertising ages be discontinued.”

In 1976, the Advertising Standards Council (ASC) reviewed the Wellington Advertisers Service.

They found that the advertising age was no longer a mandatory requirement.

However, the ASC said it would continue to review the Wellington service for compliance with the Fair Work Act and the advertising codes.

In 1993, the ABC’s Today programme reported that Wellington was still struggling to meet advertising standards.

Its advertising industry was “a large, growing industry with a large number of adverts and advertisements for a large variety of products and services”.

In the same year, the Auckland Herald reported that advertising was “the only area of New Zealand where people do not have the same access to advertising as in the rest of the country”.

Today’s Today reported that “The Wellington Advertisements Service is now on a year-long hiatus because it is not working well enough for the advertisers”.

“We do not know why the advertising service is no longer working, but we are now looking into this further.”

The Wellington Association of Advertising Professionals, the association for advertising professionals, welcomed the news and said it had “no doubt” the “well-known and long-standing Wellington advertising services will continue to be maintained”.

But it said it wanted to ensure “that the Wellington services remain relevant and relevant for the Wellington market”.

New Zealander Craig Womack, who is the managing director of the Wellington Association, said the announcement “has been welcomed by the industry as it will bring some certainty to Wellington’s advertising industry”.

Womack said the Association was pleased with the news but there would be a “learning curve” with the changeover.

He said that it was important to remember that the changes to advertising standards would “take some time to fully absorb”.

For example, the standards “are not set in stone”, and the new system would “change over time”.

He noted that it would be up to the Wellington Council to decide what should be changed.

WOMACK said he was “pleased” that Wellington’s new advertising standards “will be enforced”.

However he said that the new rules would not mean the end of advertising in New Zealand.

According to the Association, the new advertising rules would “require the same advertising in every market in New York and London”.

As a result, the Association would continue its advertising service “and continue to advertise for a number of other clients in New England”.

WA chief executive officer Tim Gannon said the changes “will ensure Wellington’s ad services continue to meet the requirements of the new regulations”.

Gannon said it was hoped that the “changes will continue in the Wellington system and ensure Wellington is an attractive place for people to spend their time, their money and their time and money again”.

A spokesman for Wellington Council said that Wellington Council would be working closely with the WA to ensure the Wellington Services were in line with the new changes.

New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia also announced their changes.

The ABC has contacted the Wellington District Council for comment.


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