Why is Dubuque’s ad featuring the word “disturb” so controversial?

The word “dubuoque” has been the subject of intense debate and controversy for years, largely because of its associations with sex trafficking and prostitution.

Dubuques website includes the phrase “doubtless we’re not in the business of prostitution” as an ad in their ad department.

The word itself is often used as a pejorative by the sex trade community and as an insult by people who believe Dubuqes ad department has misrepresented the community.

“The fact that it is considered so offensive is not in dispute, and Dubuques website has apologized profusely,” said Andrew Krawitz, a spokesman for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, which is affiliated with the DubuQue advertising organization.

“However, DubuQues ad is still a highly controversial topic and the media coverage has caused some confusion and has caused Dubuqaians to wonder why it’s being shown in the first place.”

A spokesperson for the advertising company, which owns the DubUque ad, said that the ad is a “fair use” and that they will take “appropriate action” if they are deemed to be inaccurate.

The DubuQuiQes site includes the word in an advertisement for a new, free product called The Free Lubricant.

The company’s website also includes a photo of a woman being used as an example of a prostitute.

But Krawetz said Dubuqua’s ads are not in any way derogatory, and that the word has no associations with prostitution.

“We have taken steps to remove the word ‘dubuuque’ from our website,” he said.

“DubuQue was created in 1990 by the founders of the Canadian Sex Offender Treatment Program.

The site was dedicated to the safe sharing of information about sex offenders and their rehabilitation programs.”

According to a report by the Canadian Press, the Dubuzqes company is owned by the same people who owned the infamous ad for the porn site Pornhub that was deemed offensive and banned in 2017.

That ad was viewed over 3.5 million times.

The porn site’s website was banned from Google, Facebook, YouTube and the internet, but the ad was still featured in its ad department, Krawtz said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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