Which Fallacy is the Most Common?

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The world has changed.

The internet has democratised access to information, making it possible for us all to make better choices.

But what is the most common fallacy of advertising?

The most common fallacies are: 1.

We have an agenda to sell something, and we are buying into it.

The claim is that people are buying things to be marketed to and they are not buying for their own reasons.

It is also often made that we do not have the right to sell to ourselves.


We sell a product, but we do so only because we want to, not because it is necessary for our own benefit.


We do not really care about the people or their needs, only that the product is good enough for the market.


We make a profit, but our profit is not really the reason we are making money.


We are selling something to someone, but the person we are selling to is buying something from us because they are too busy to think about what we are saying.6.

We advertise a product as “premium”, and we have paid more for it than the person or company selling it. 7.

We only offer a “high-quality” service, and that is what the customer wants.


We say that we will not charge for our services, but if the service is expensive, the customer will not want to pay for it.9.

We don’t really want to sell the product, and our customers do not want it either.10.

We know that our products or services have some special quality that we should not let go of.

This is called the “good enough for marketing” fallacy.11.

We will only sell a certain product, for a certain reason.12.

We give ourselves the responsibility of selling a certain amount of a certain type of product.13.

We want to do something for our customers, but only when we have the money to do it.14.

We need money to spend on other things, and there is no other thing that we can spend it on.15.

We always want to make a lot of money, and it is just so that we might have the energy to do more of what we do.16.

We must constantly make ourselves feel good.17.

We think we have a special responsibility to sell more products than the market will bear.18.

We buy products from companies we know well and we don’t know at all, so that they will be ready when we need them.19.

We cannot make a good sale unless we have money to buy a good product.20.

We feel the need to sell a particular product because we know that it will make people happy, so we must have it, and only then can we really sell it.21.

We constantly have to sell or make people feel bad for selling something that we don´t want them to buy, because we don t want them not to buy it.22.

We get money for our work, and if we are paid less than we are supposed to be, then that money goes to waste.23.

We use all the “we” words in the world, because it makes us feel good to have more people buying our products.24.

We often say that there is more we can do for our people, than for the customers.25.

We should have a higher price than what is demanded by our customers.26.

We usually say that our prices are lower than those of competitors because we are trying to sell our product as cheap as possible.27.

We promise to always do something to make our customers happy, and always have the intention to do that.28.

We claim to be “the good enough” when we do nothing for our clients.29.

We put all our money into advertising, so it makes money for us.30.

We spend all our time and energy trying to “sell” something, so people can be happy.

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