When Twitter is in the news again, what are the odds it’ll go public?

By 2020, we can expect to see Twitter in the headlines once more.

The world’s biggest social media platform has made history by becoming the first major company to go public, and that’s exactly what we’re about to do.

We’ll be talking to some of the world’s most influential investors to see what they’re planning on doing with Twitter, as well as the potential implications of a public offering, but for now we’ll be focusing on the company’s future plans.

Twitter’s future is uncertain, and we’ll try to shed some light on some of its most intriguing and potentially disruptive features and how they will affect our lives in 2020.

We don’t want to focus on the stock price at this stage.

The value of Twitter’s stock is likely to be higher than the market value.

In other words, you should hold on to your shares until 2020.

You may also want to consider buying some Twitter stock now.

If you want to stay in the know about Twitter’s latest developments, check out our special report for investors, the future of Twitter and the future for investors.

We know that the stock market will be looking for some answers, but there are also a lot of questions to be answered.

How will Twitter’s product, brand and content evolve in the next few years?

Will Twitter really be a platform for the world?

And what happens if Twitter’s valuation falls by more than 30 per cent?

Twitter will be announcing its first quarter results this Friday.

Here’s what you need to know about the company.

What are the big trends for 2020?

It’s been a good year for Twitter.

The social network has made a number of great acquisitions, including buying mobile-first platform Tumblr for $1.5 billion.

But the company is also looking to become more mobile-centric in the coming years.

Twitter has plans to launch its own smart home devices and a social networking service.

In 2020, the company will also release a number new products, including a new smart home platform, a new app for businesses, and an app for developers.

Twitter is also going to focus more on its mobile strategy.

The company is currently testing a number different devices, including smartphones and tablets.

In addition, Twitter is also planning to expand its business focus.

In the next two years, Twitter will focus on expanding its user base in areas like music and video.

Twitter is looking to increase the number of people using its apps in these areas, as a way of becoming more of a media company.

Twitter will also be spending more on mobile advertising.

In 2020, Twitter plans to spend around $150 million on advertising.

Twitter will also start to experiment with a number other advertising strategies, including digital billboards, digital TV spots, and paid TV commercials.

In the coming year, Twitter has already started to roll out new features for users and advertisers, such as an app that lets users post their own ads on the site.

But in 2020, it will also likely expand its ability to monetize its services and become more of an advertiser itself.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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