The world’s biggest fashion advertising market is an ugly one – October 20, 2018 – 10:02AMIn a time when brands are spending more and more money on ads, they are turning to online marketing to get their message across.

In fact, a recent study by ad agency Digital Media Group found that in the first three months of 2018, fashion brands spent $6.8 billion online to get people to buy items.

And as a result, they spent more than twice as much on ad-driven marketing than traditional, offline marketing.

The findings of the study, which was conducted by digital agency DigitalMarketer and the consulting firm AdWords, were published in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The study found that the average ad spent by a brand on its Instagram page was $7.62, compared to $1.25 for traditional, digital, and online campaigns.

The study also showed that brands spent an average of $1,200 per Instagram follower to reach people who might have never shopped online before.

And what’s more, those brands that spend the most money on advertising also saw their engagement rates soar.

DigitalMarketer’s study found brands spent nearly $18 million more per follower than traditional online marketers did on Instagram, and that those brands increased their engagement by 17 percent.

DigitalMediaGroup’s research showed brands that spent the most on ads on Instagram saw their total audience reach grow by 16 percent.

For brands that have been doing well in the fashion space, the rise in spending is especially concerning.

According to AdWords’ figures, brands spent a total of $18.5 million on advertising in 2018.

Digital Marketer’s report found that brands that are spending the most online on Instagram were more than four times more likely to reach their targets of 5 million followers on Instagram and 500,000 Instagram followers on Facebook, and those brands were spending nearly $14 million on the digital marketing campaign.

The report found brands that did well on Instagram spent an additional $1 billion on the ad campaigns that reached their target audience.

According to DigitalMarketers research, the average time spent on Instagram per follower was just 10 minutes, and the average engagement rate was just 14 percent.

That means that a brand that spends $6 on Instagram could spend an additional 10 minutes on Instagram to reach its target audience of 5,000 followers.

While the growth in spending on Instagram has come as a big surprise to advertisers, there are plenty of other ways brands can increase engagement on their platforms.

The key to keeping people engaged is to make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.

Digital Media Group’s research found that a number of factors helped brands stay engaged online, including sharing content, sharing content on social media and making it easy to share content across platforms.

Digital Marketing experts said that a lot of brands are trying to leverage Instagram to their advantage to increase their reach on Instagram.

One of the most common tactics for brands to try to get more followers on their social platforms is to link to their Instagram pages and posts.

Digital marketing experts said there are many other things that brands can do to boost engagement online, but they’re all important to keep in mind.

“The key is to do what you can to engage your audience,” said Jennifer Nettles, managing director of the marketing consulting firm Creative Agency Solutions.

“People like to see the engagement,” she added.

“If you have something that’s easy to do, people like to share it.

That can help your audience stay engaged.”

If your brand is trying to reach your audience on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, it’s important to know that if your audience is not engaged, they’ll find other ways to get to that audience,” Nettls added.

Digital marketers said brands need to understand that social media can be a way for brands and their brands to get a better sense of what their audience wants, and how to reach that audience. “

People need to feel connected to brands online,” Nittles added.

Digital marketers said brands need to understand that social media can be a way for brands and their brands to get a better sense of what their audience wants, and how to reach that audience.

“They need to be able to make connections and see what people are liking and what they like, and what the other brands are saying, and so forth,” said Netts.

“You need to find a way to make that work for them, whether that’s through Instagram, Twitter, or through your own brand.”

DigitalMarketers report found the most effective way for companies to boost their engagement on Instagram is to create a more social environment.

“Companies that create an Instagram account can create and share posts and content in a way that can help their brand and reach a more engaged audience,” DigitalMarkers research found.

“For brands looking to do more than simply reach a target audience, the most successful ways to reach them on Instagram are to share posts that they like or retweet.

This can help build a larger audience for your brand and

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