The latest car ad campaign for Hyundai has got the car market in the grip of a ‘bigger problem’

The latest Hyundai ad campaign in Australia is being widely condemned as ‘vile’ and ‘misleading’ by car shoppers, with the company saying it is ‘not aware’ of the ad campaign’s effects.

In an ad campaign titled “How To Save Your Car,” a man explains how to get rid of a vehicle’s odometer: ‘This is the only way to do it,’ he says, and pulls out a small plastic bottle.

It’s a bottle of car odometer sealant.

It is advertised as ‘an inexpensive way to get around the odometer and get rid that little mark on the side of the dashboard.’

The man then takes out a plastic plastic bag containing the sealant, and places it on his dash, and hands it to the woman in the commercial, who then proceeds to take the bag out of the vehicle, wipe it off with a cloth and then put it back on the dash, putting the sealer back on.

The ad, which is due to air on ABC radio on Thursday, comes on the heels of Hyundai making a big push into the automotive industry, with a nationwide campaign aimed at driving sales of its flagship vehicles.

The car company says the new Hyundai ad, titled “Save Your Car”, is part of its ‘biggest problem’ campaign.

The man is shown on camera telling the woman, ‘This works for me’.

The woman looks at the car, then looks at her dash and says ‘this works for us’, before pulling out the plastic bag with the sealator.

Hyundai says the ad is ‘vital’ to its business, with about 5 million people taking part in the campaign.

‘This campaign is essential to the success of our car business, and the success and safety of the people who use our vehicles,’ Hyundai Australia CEO Ian Jones said.

‘As we know, this campaign is important to help drive sales of our vehicles and protect our brands.’

‘We are not aware of any impact on customers,’ Hyundai said.

The campaign will air on Hyundai radio stations across the country starting at 8pm AEST on Thursday.

Hyundai has also released a statement on the ad.

‘The Hyundai brand has a long history of working with consumers to deliver a more sustainable, caring and safe product,’ the statement read.

‘We believe that the seal-a-palooza is a powerful marketing tool, and will help us to achieve that goal, but we will also be working with our partners in the industry to share our research with them.’

We have an established relationship with Hyundai, and we know that Hyundai has invested heavily in research, development and design to build the safest vehicles in the world.

‘With our new partnership with the automotive sector, Hyundai can continue to innovate to reduce vehicle emissions, while also driving greater sustainability.’

Hyundai has previously worked with governments around the world to help reduce emissions, and its ‘Green Vehicle Alliance’ has more than doubled its advertising budget in just two years.

‘It’s not just about making the cars safer, it’s about changing the culture in the car industry, and I think that’s what this is all about,’ Jones said of Hyundai’s ‘Biggest Problem’ campaign, which also features the Hyundai i30.

The Hyundai i20 ad, in which a man is seen pulling a bag from a car and placing it in the dash is one of the biggest car ad campaigns ever.

Hyundai said the ad was part of a wider ‘big picture’ strategy for the car company, which has been investing $400 million into its Australian operations in recent years.’

As the world’s largest carmaker, Hyundai is at the forefront of developing new technologies and innovations to improve safety, fuel efficiency and comfort for our customers, while building a sustainable business, Hyundai Australia said in a statement.

‘Today, we are committed to supporting our community with innovative technologies that will ensure our cars are always safe and healthy, and that we can help people to live a healthier and more sustainable life.’

The Hyundai ad also includes a woman using a cloth to wipe her car down, before placing it back in the vehicle.

The company says it has ‘invested in research and development to create a safer, more sustainable and compassionate car that will keep us all safe’.

Hyundai Australia chief executive Ian Jones says the company has invested in research to reduce emissions.

(ABC News) Hyundai has recently introduced a new ‘Safe and Clean’ product line for its fleet.

This is one in which the vehicle’s performance and comfort are rated as “green”.

The company is also launching a ‘green car’ service in the US.

‘If we want to make a change in the way people live their lives, we need to be investing in research that is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly,’ Jones told ABC Radio Melbourne.

‘That means being environmentally friendly in our manufacturing process, and our manufacturing processes.’

That’s why Hyundai’s brand has grown, it means we can

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