Nike ads: More than 2 billion views, most of them negative, as company weighs ad-boosting options

An ad campaign featuring an African American athlete, with the caption “Let’s be real, she’s black,” is being challenged by a group of online critics.

The online group, “We Can’t Wait,” launched on Monday to raise awareness of the ad, titled “Let the Games Begin.”

The campaign features a white athlete, in the shoes of a black woman.

They are joined by a black female commentator, a young black man and a white male, who are all speaking on behalf of the black athletes.

In the ad for the “Let The Games Begin” campaign, the white athlete’s name is used to portray an African-American woman.

The ad, which appears to have been paid for by Nike, was posted to Instagram on Sunday and has been shared more than 2.4 billion times.

The video is the first time the group has used an image of a white woman, with a black man’s voice, to target its message.

The campaign is being criticized for targeting an athlete of color, especially given the widespread awareness of issues related to racial disparities in the U.S.

The group said the ad was a “stain on Nike’s history and legacy.”

“Our message to Nike is simple: We cannot wait for the athletes to come to the United States and compete,” the group said in a statement.

“The best way to change the status quo is to put athletes in the spotlight.

We cannot be silent.

Our voices are heard and we must speak up for our rights.”

The group added that the Nike ad, “takes the opportunity to mock and belittle the black community.”

The Nike ad is a reminder that the company has continued to put profits ahead of the people of color and for the white men who have invested millions in marketing and sponsorship deals to keep Nike in business, the group added.

“The people of the U.” have long had a voice in the history of Nike, but that voice has been overshadowed by a “silent majority,” the statement said.

“If we want to make a difference, it is our responsibility to stand up for what is right and to do everything we can to make sure our voice is heard,” it said.

The Nike campaign has already generated more than 20,000 comments and more than 3,500 responses on social media.

The NAACP, which is a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, called on Nike to “do the right thing.”

“The ‘Let The Olympics Begin’ campaign demonstrates that Nike is actively courting the worst stereotypes of Black people and should have no place in the American sports landscape,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson said in the statement.

The American Civil Liberties Union said the campaign was racist.

“We’re disappointed by the blatant and outrageous use of racial slurs, including ‘black woman,’ to insult a woman of color in her own race,” the organization said in an emailed statement.

“Black women are disproportionately likely to experience police brutality, sexual assault and murder, and the racial disparities that exist in these incidents make them less safe than white women.

They also face increased scrutiny when reporting abuse, and that means they may not receive the support and support they need if they report a crime,” it added.

“This ad shows that the public, including Nike, cannot take the fight for Black lives and dignity for granted.”

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