Montgomery advertises for the 2018 Purple Advertising Awards

Advertising is a lucrative business, and the Montgomery Advertiser obituary has earned the city a $20 million ad campaign for the 2020 Purple Advertising Award.

“We know we are on a fast track to making Montgomery a place where people can come out, enjoy themselves, and make friends with each other,” said Mike McRae, the Montgomery City Council’s marketing manager.

“To honor the community and our citizens for all their hard work and hard work, we are giving them an award,” he said.

“This is a fantastic way to honor Montgomery’s wonderful community and its rich history and culture.”

In 2018, Montgomery had a total of 16 Purple Advertising awards, which were chosen by the community to honor the people who do the most to make Montgomery a better place to live, work, and visit.

The Purple Awards recognize the most outstanding achievements in advertising.

They also recognize the outstanding impact of the community in shaping the future of the city.

“Montgomery is proud to be the place to be for Purple Ads,” said Mayor Steve Krahn.

“As a community, we have the resources to hire and retain the best advertising talent in the nation and we are working to get those people back to work.

Our city is a place that is full of people who have been impacted by the Purple Ads.”

“As we look to the future, we will be working to keep the Purple Awards in Montgomery,” Krahs said.

This year, Montgomery received an $18 million advertising budget.

The ad campaign was designed by McRays creative agency, which included advertising executives from the companies that won the Purple Award, as well as local talent from local agencies, advertising agencies, and brands.

The program will focus on Montgomery’s most visible and recognizable businesses, including the city’s main department stores, The Montgomery, The Tractor, The Waterfront, and The City Center, and will feature the city as a whole, as Montgomery was the first and only city to win Purple Awards.

“It is our honor to be recognized by Montgomery’s top advertising agency for this program,” said McRai.

“Our campaign will be a reflection of the City of Montgomery’s commitment to making its residents feel welcomed and welcomed again, and our city’s community spirit and resilience to survive and thrive,” he continued.

“The Purple Awards is a tremendous opportunity to honor our citizens and celebrate the work that they do everyday,” said Krah.

“A year of great progress and optimism will be here next year,” he concluded.

The award is presented annually by the Montgomery Advertising Association.

“For a year of incredible growth and progress, Montgomery has continued to live up to the Purple-Advertising Award expectations,” said Karen Ebert, president of the organization.

“They recognize the tremendous achievements in our advertising, and they also recognize that we’re proud of our success.

We have a vibrant, vibrant business, with tremendous momentum, and we’ve got great people on our payroll.”

“We are so excited to be here to give this award to the City and its residents,” said Domenic Piazza, the city attorney.

“You’ve seen Montgomery thrive over the last 15 years, and this is the first award that honors the city and its leaders,” he added.

“I want to thank our advertising agency, McRaeds, and its talented team for the work they’ve done to create this program.”

“Montmontans can rest assured that Montgomery will be celebrating our Purple Advertisers as they celebrate the successes and progress we’ve made over the past year,” said Councilmember Bill Wurzer.

“And we are grateful for their commitment to our City,” said Montgomery Mayor Steve Kolb.

“These awards are an example of what Montgomery is all about,” said Wurzel.

“There is a deep love and loyalty to our citizens, to our community, and to the Montgomery community, that makes it so important for us to continue to make our city and Montgomery a wonderful place to call home.”

Montgomery’s Purple Advertising campaign will also feature the Montgomery Police Department and Montgomery Schools.

“Today is a day of celebration for our city, and for all of Montgomery,” said Police Chief Kevin Williams.

“Every time we open our doors and our eyes to our communities, we see the love and dedication of our men and women in blue and purple.

I can’t wait to get on that bus, ride it, and take this award home,” he told the crowd.

“What this means to me is I’m proud of Montgomery and the incredible people that work here.

I’m also proud of the Montgomery people who work so hard and do so much for their community.

This is a time to celebrate the city, to celebrate Montgomery, and show the people of Montgomery how proud we are to call Montgomery home,” said Piazzas.

The next Purple Awards will be presented on June 2, 2021, at the Maryland

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