Microsoft Windows 10 update delivers ‘good news’ on privacy and security

Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS, the first to run on ARM, has received a number of security updates, with the latest arriving on Tuesday.

Read more about Windows 10 here .

The updates add support for new cryptographic algorithms that are expected to increase security across the OS.

The updates were announced by Microsoft at its Build conference in Los Angeles, where Microsoft was also showing off its new “Office 365” cloud service.

“Windows 10 today includes a number, if not all, of the new security updates that are being rolled out by Microsoft to support its new OS,” Microsoft said.

The latest security update will bring new security improvements to the Windows Defender and Windows Defender Advanced Security settings.

The update includes a “good news” update to improve security on the “core” of the OS, which includes the Edge browser and other apps, and also brings improved security on other aspects of the operating system, including the Start Menu.

“We are making some improvements to our security to help protect our users and their data, and we will continue to deliver these updates,” Microsoft added.

A new feature introduced in Windows 10 comes with the addition of a “Security” setting, which enables a number on the Settings page, which allows the user to control how much information is sent and received by Microsoft and third-party applications, such as Google and Microsoft Edge.

The setting is activated automatically when the user clicks the “Start” button.

It can be set to “noise-free” or “auto”.

Microsoft says the setting allows users to limit what data is sent to and received from third parties and apps.

Microsoft also says the settings will be available to those who upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

In addition, the Windows 10 version of the Microsoft Edge browser will be added to the list of supported browser extensions, alongside the Edge web browser.

Microsoft is also rolling out a number other security updates in Windows 7 and Windows 8, including a new update for the Office productivity suite, which will add support to a new Office 2016 desktop interface.

Microsoft is also pushing out an update for its Cortana digital assistant.

“In addition to improved Cortana support, Windows 10 also adds a number new Cortana features, including new VoiceOver voice commands, a redesigned Bing search, and new features for voice search and reminders,” Microsoft explained in a blog post.

Microsoft said that Windows 10 will “add a new experience to your device”, adding that it is now possible to make Cortana smarter by letting it know what is important to you.

The “good” update for Windows 10 is available as a free download for all users.

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