‘It’s so much fun’: Teen girls love Facebook adverts

MTV News – UK Teen girls have been flocking to Facebook for a new ad campaign.

But when they get to see it, what they’re really after is the chance to win an Xbox One.

Read moreRead moreTeen girls are increasingly opting to post pictures of their favourite TV shows on the social networking site, with many now taking to the social network in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Teen girls have started to post images of their favourites TV shows to Facebook and Twitter in the run-up to the UK’s massive earthquake and tsunamisThe ads feature girls and young women playing around with the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

In one video, a girl is seen playing with the console while playing the game Pokemon Go, while a boy is also shown on the console.

The adverts are accompanied by a series of pop-up advertisements, which tell viewers what the Xbox and Xbox One are like.

One of the ads tells viewers how to play the game: “Go to the game, catch Pokemon and win some cool prizes.”

Another says: “Grab your friends and family and head out for a Pokemon Go hunting adventure.”

One advert shows a young girl playing the video game Pokemon.

In another, a boy, wearing headphones, is shown playing Pokemon Go.

In a third, the same boy is seen with a woman who is dressed in a pink dress.

In the fourth, a man is seen watching a video with a girl in a purple dress.

One advert has a young woman in a yellow dress playing PokemonGo.

In other ads, teenagers can be seen playing Pokemon in their living rooms.

The ads have been criticised by those who say the advertising has been “misleading” and “over-exploiting” young people, who will be less likely to spend money on games that don’t feature PokemonGo and may therefore be less interested in participating in the promotion.

“I think the advertising is a bit over-explicit in terms of the messages that it sends to young people,” said Emma Sainsbury, a communications lecturer at the University of East Anglia.

“If they think the ads are for them, they’re going to see those messages and the message that the advertising sends is that it’s a good thing for them.”

Ms Sainsburys research has shown that young people tend to spend more money on the games they already own than those that they want to own.

The adverts have been praised for being “very clever and very engaging”.

However, others have questioned whether the ads were the right messages to send to teenagers.

“It’s very clear the ads do not encourage them to spend as much money,” said David Renton, an education and marketing expert.

“The message of the adverts is that they are good things to have if they are buying a gaming console, and they’re not just for teenagers.

It’s about encouraging people to have fun.”

Adverts for the XboxOne and Xbox360, which have been launched this year, are the first to be paid for by Microsoft.

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