I’m not a moderator, and I’mnt interested in being one: I’m going to play the moderator role

This week, National Review’s senior editor, Michael Gerson, was asked by a reader about the role of moderators.

Gerson responded that he’s not interested in moderating a subreddit, but rather creating a subreddit that allows the public to participate in its creation.

“I dont really see that as an essential role in the digital media world,” he said.

“As an example, I’ve heard that a bunch of companies are doing something like this, where they’re offering content, and people can subscribe to them and contribute.

Theyre creating a social network.

So, I think there are a lot of great things that are happening with the platform that are really creating a new kind of model for how people interact with the content.

Thats what I would like to see happen.

But I am not a mod, and im not interested to be one.

Ive got a job to do.

I dont want to get distracted by the fact that I amnt a moderator.”

Gerson’s comments come on the heels of a Reddit employee’s dismissal from his job at the company after he posted several comments about “pornography and misogyny.”

The Reddit employee, David Gerard, told BuzzFeed News that the company’s management had assured him that they “took a very hard look at our community standards,” and that the employee’s comments had been removed.

“They said, ‘I am not gonna be a moderator of your subreddit,’ and they said, and they were saying that this is a company where you are expected to have a strong sense of decorum,” Gerard said.

Gerard also said that Reddit’s general manager of product, Matt Mullenweg, had warned him that he was violating Reddit’s community standards, and that he had to apologize.

Gerard was also disappointed to learn that he would be leaving the company, after he was able to discuss his concerns with a moderator on the site, who told him that “all of the people that weve been trying to reach and talk to have said ‘youre going to be fine.’

Youre going.

Youre fine.

You can stay.'”

Gerson and Mullenheg have been working on the redesign of the Reddit platform in preparation for the company-wide reorganization planned for January 2018.

The redesign will include the creation of new content guidelines and the creation and management of new moderators.

According to Gerson—who has not been publicly named as the new moderator—the redesign will focus on the “role of moderators,” as well as the creation “of a subreddit” that allows users to submit and interact with content.

Gson said that the new Reddit team would also be looking to hire “more experienced people to take on this role” and “make sure that we are keeping our rules, and we are enforcing them,” but declined to provide any details on how the redesign will be implemented.

“We are going to create a new subreddit, we are going be creating a ‘subreddit’ that allows people to submit content, but we are not going to do that because that would take away from the content that people can see, and make it harder for them to contribute to,” he told BuzzFeed.

“If we are looking to expand the site and it is something that is important to the public, and is important for our users to be able to share content, then we would like people to be involved in that decision, but the goal is to not have a huge amount of people.”

A spokesperson for Reddit did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Reddit team has been struggling with how to redesign the site since the 2016 hack, and the company is working with Google to ensure that its users can continue to post and interact on the platform.

According a recent report by VentureBeat, Reddit has a staff of 25,000 and currently has over 300 million monthly active users.

In 2016, Reddit CEO Ellen Pao resigned after facing allegations of sexual harassment.

She left the company in early 2017, and her former CEO, Steve Huffman, was appointed CEO of Reddit.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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