‘I think they’re scared’: ‘Tiktongers’ react to ‘ticking time bomb’

A tiktun is a community of nomadic hunter-gatherers who live in a remote region of Afghanistan.

They often work as subsistence farmers, herd animals or gather wood.

In 2015, an estimated 4.3 million people lived in the Tiktongo region of northwestern Afghanistan, according to a UNDP study.

It is the third-largest tikto area in the world and has a population of about 30 million.

Some tiktuans say that the area is under siege by the Taliban, who have been fighting for years to establish an Islamic state.

According to the UNDP, at least 4,500 tiktenas have been killed in recent months.

Tiktunism is a traditional Islamic sect that worships the sun god Tukteh, or sun god.

The tikts, who were once nomads, were forced to leave their land in the 18th century by the British.

Tiktun women are the ones who travel around the world to find suitable husbands for the men in the community.

They also marry foreign men who live abroad to create new families.

The tiktubans have many rituals that include eating a special food, washing their bodies and taking a bath.

The tradition also has a religious component, which means that it is considered to be part of a religious festival.

Tuktong are a large, nomadic tribe that live in the mountainous region of the central and northern parts of Afghanistan, which is also known as the Tukistan.

“The tikkot” is a term used to describe nomadic tribes in Afghanistan.

The term means “family”.

Tikkot people believe that the sun gods, Tuktongo and the sun, reside in the sky.

They also worship a sun god known as Tukta, which has many meanings.

A man from the tiktek tribe says that the tikkots are now afraid to leave the area because the Taliban are fighting for a caliphate in Afghanistan that will allow them to rule over all of Afghanistan and the world.

According to local media reports, tikturans are worried about the spread of the Zika virus in Afghanistan and other countries in the region.

In the past, Taliban fighters killed and raped women and girls in the tika area.

The Taliban have also forced tiktkots to leave home and live in camps to avoid prosecution for crimes.

More: Tika’s community is now being called a “ticking-time bomb”.

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