How to make the most of your online ad space

Newsweek: Advertisers are buying ad space at a record pace.

It’s a big shift from a few years ago when online advertising was seen as an antiquated industry, but it’s also a new one.

Here are some tips for making the most out of your ad space.

Read MoreAdvertisers Are Buying Ad Space At A Record Pace.

Advertiser spend more money online than ever before, according to research firm Gartner.

The report released on Monday showed the average ad spend per person on the internet was $15.42 per month in 2018, up from $13.74 per month a year ago.

And with the increase in spending, so too has the share of digital ad revenue.

According to research by ad agency Gartners, online spending grew nearly 7 percent in the first six months of 2019, to $13 billion.

Gartners said that online spending is on track to increase by over 20 percent in 2020, reaching $14.4 billion.

Advertising revenue is on the rise, too.

The agency found that online ad revenue grew by more than $10 billion in the year to March 2019, representing nearly 70 percent of the total digital ad market.

The growth in ad spending is especially notable as ad budgets are getting smaller.

The average spending per person has increased from $14 per month six years ago to $15 per month this year, according the agency.

Ads And Ad-Free Pages.

Ad-free pages, or ad-free ads, have become an increasingly popular option for publishers, with a growing number of sites including The Huffington Post, The Guardian and The Atlantic opting to use them.

Garteners study showed that 60 percent of publishers using ad-less pages have at least one ad serving on them.

And for the first time, Gartgers found that most of the time, users are using the page only to get information.

Ad blockers, a popular alternative to ad-based content, are a common alternative, as well.

The Gartener report found that more than 60 percent were in use by publishers.

Ad-free ad blocks accounted for just 5 percent of total online ad spending in the second quarter, compared to 22 percent a year earlier.

Adblockers Are Growing.

Adblocking is becoming more common as users turn to ad blockers, according Garters study.

The firm found that the share that was using ad blockers fell from 19 percent in March 2019 to 10 percent in April 2020, and then continued to fall to 6 percent in May.

And while the number of blockers grew, the percentage of ad users who are ad-blocking increased.

The report said that ad blockers also saw a marked increase in users who opted out of the network, with nearly a third of users opting out in April 2019, compared with 22 percent in January 2020.

AdBlockers Have A Lot Of Potential To Increase Their Growth.

Ad blocking tools are not the only option for users looking to reduce ad spending.

A study by Adblock Plus found that 80 percent of ad-block users said they were willing to pay to be “unbundled,” meaning that they were still paying for the content that was hosted on the site but could be removed by the user.

Gertner said that the number and percentage of users who opt to pay for ad-supported content is growing, but that it’s not a new trend.

In fact, the ad-network industry has been experimenting with ad-shopping tools for years, and advertisers are looking to capitalize on this trend.

According to AdblockPlus, 70 percent said they would be willing to buy ads on ad-sponsored content, compared from just 5 to 10 years ago.

The Future Of Online Advertising Is In Your Hands.

Ad buying is on a tear.

With more and more publishers opting to go the adless route, the industry has seen a huge jump in online ad spend.

But, according it, advertisers are still looking to monetize the ads they are placing on their sites, and the new wave of ad blockers has been creating a massive opportunity for publishers.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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