How to be more creative with the ad image in Instagram

It’s time to start thinking more about the ad images in your Instagram Stories and Stories, and how they can be more memorable.

For me, the most memorable part of an ad is when the photo itself becomes a highlight of the post.

As you can see in the video above, my post featured a simple but highly effective ad, which made me laugh out loud.

Advertisers are aware of the power of a clever photo and they want to put it in the right place.

As a result, Instagram has made it easy for marketers to put their creative on the front page of their posts.

Let’s explore how you can use the power in your own images to make them stand out.


Create a new Instagram account 1.

Go to your account page, scroll down and tap the “Accounts” tab.


Choose a name for your account, and then select a photo from your Instagram feed.


Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap “Create new photo” and then tap “Add to Instagram.”


You’ll get a confirmation email with the link to add the photo to your Instagram account.

You can do this from any Instagram app.

You may also have to click “Settings” and tap on the gear icon to the left of the search box.

You will then get to “Advertising & Promotions,” which you can edit.


Click “Add” and the photo will be added to your profile.

It’s really easy to make a great ad.

You won’t need to create a new photo, but you will have to edit it a little bit to make it fit your message.

For example, you might want to add an animated GIF, but instead of changing the background image, you’ll need to change the background color and use some other special effects.


Share the photo on social media Let’s say you have an Instagram account that you want to share to your friends and followers.

Here are a few options to get started.

1 .

Create a custom post on your own site.

Here’s an example of a post that you can start by clicking “Add To Instagram” and creating a custom account for yourself.

Then, you can share your post to your own Instagram account by tapping “Edit profile photo” or “Share to Facebook.”


Create your own custom photo.

Here is an example from my account that has my custom photo attached.

3 .

Add the photo from a blog post to Instagram and share it on your blog.

Here, I have created a custom image for my blog post and then shared it to my Instagram account using the “Share” option.

I’m sharing it on my blog because it’s the only way to see what others see when they visit my blog.


Share a photo to Pinterest If you want your Instagram post to have a more personalized feel, you could create your own Pinterest image for your Instagram video.

This will help the posts look more professional and make it easier for the Instagram app to show the photo as the video title.

You could also create a custom photo from the same source photo that you use for your post.

Once you’ve created your custom photo, click “Add Image” to add it to your video and share the photo.

5 .

Use an image from your own channel To add an image to your channel, you simply need to select the channel you want and then click “Select image from Instagram” or click “Edit photo.”

Then you can add a photo that will appear in the Instagram account’s photo gallery.

You might also want to consider using an image that has been professionally edited, as many of the Instagram ads are created by people who have done extensive editing and photoshop work.

6 .

Use a specific image from the channel to create an ad.

If you’re just starting out with Instagram, you may want to start by creating a new channel, and adding a photo of a specific Instagram image to it.

Here you can choose the photo you want, select your channel and click “Create account.”

Then, click on “Edit” to select your new account photo.

The photo will appear on the page that appears when you click “Manage profiles” or any other Instagram page that has your photo.

You should now have a unique image to share with your followers.


Add a custom ad for a brand When you want someone to be interested in something you have shared on Instagram, consider adding a custom advertisement.

For a brand, a simple image that is in line with their business could be an effective way to get their attention.

If a new video or video series is being created, for example, the ad could feature the brand logo or a brand image that’s relevant to their video.

It can also be helpful to use an image of your own brand to share your ad.

For an example, here’s an image I created for an ad campaign on my channel.

When I created the image

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