How the Trump-Russia scandal has impacted your ad choices

By now, we all know that the Russia investigation and the special counsel’s investigation into it are the two most important and consequential issues of our time.

That is because they both are, in fact, matters of public interest.

And yet, there is a lot of confusion and a lot to be learned from both.

One important takeaway is that the public’s trust in our political institutions is extremely high.

And it is precisely this public trust that makes our political system, in particular, so vulnerable.

It’s the public trust in a democracy that matters most.

And the more that we as a nation are comfortable with that public trust, the more we are able to trust our elected officials to hold our government accountable, and the more likely that we are to be able to elect and lead our country to greater prosperity and security.

We have to learn to trust the system as well.

But it’s not just trust.

Trust also requires an understanding of the facts.

In this case, the facts are that Trump’s son, Donald Jr., was caught red-handed accepting an invitation from a Russian lawyer to have the meeting.

And, the emails show that the president, Donald Trump Jr., knew about the meeting and, indeed, agreed to it even before he learned about it.

The president himself had known about the email.

And there was no indication that Trump knew about it at the time that he and his son met.

And while it is certainly true that the Trump administration has said that the meeting was not a full-fledged campaign event, it’s also clear that Trump Jr. did accept the invitation and had no knowledge of the meeting beforehand.

That’s because Trump Jr.’s statement and subsequent emails demonstrate that he knew nothing about the invitation or the meeting, and that he, himself, had not taken the meeting to discuss it.

Trump Jr was a “conspiracy theorist” who had “no regard for the truth.”

Trump Jr had told associates that the emails were about a government effort to help him and his father elect his father.

He knew that Trump Sr. was not involved in the effort.

And his statement to his associates indicates that he also knew that the campaign was trying to help Trump Sr., but that he believed the effort was a conspiracy to help the president win the election.

We know that there were other people who had knowledge of that meeting.

We also know that he had been told about it, and he had not made his own assessment.

But those two facts about the Trump Tower meeting are not enough to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

There is a second element to this: that Trump and his family had been given damaging information about Clinton and her campaign and that this information was shared with Trump Jr, and it was shared in hopes of securing a Trump campaign donation.

Trump and family knew that, and they shared this information with Trump Sr and his associates.

The fact that Trump, Jr. and the Trump campaign knew about this material was not enough.

Trump, Sr. knew that.

He and his children knew about a meeting with the Russian lawyer, and Trump Jr knew that his father had discussed that information with his father on numerous occasions.

We can now see how much of this information had been shared by the president and his sons, or by others in the administration, in an effort to influence the election in Trump’s favor.

The emails show how, as a result, Trump Jr and his team had information about the information that was being discussed with him that they knew would be damaging to Clinton, or that they believed was damaging to the president.

That kind of information is the kind of “conspiratorial information” that is supposed to be kept from the public, but in this case it was not kept from Trump Jr or his team.

The Trump campaign was in a position to know that information.

Trump Sr knew that information and shared it with his sons and others in his campaign.

And we know that this kind of material was shared, for instance, by former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his business associate Rick Gates.

And Trump Jr said that this is how he learned of the information.

We will learn more from the emails about Trump Jr’s role in this collusion, but it appears that his involvement with this collusion is far from clear.

What we do know is that, as with any campaign, the president’s personal connections with those in power have often made him susceptible to the sort of influence-peddling that we saw in the Clinton campaign.

But there is no evidence that this was Trump Jr’ s first, or even second, brush with Russian influence.

The investigation into his communications with Russian intermediaries has not been completed, and so far we have not seen evidence that he was aware of any wrongdoing.

There are also a number of other issues in this investigation that have raised significant questions about the way in which the Trump team handled these meetings with Russians.

For example, we know from the testimony of current and former Trump officials that Trump had a relationship with a

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