How the juul ad is working for advertisers

BYRON HALL/Huffington Post The ad is one of the most successful in history.

Its main selling point is the promise of a free trial.

Its creators believe they can get that promise through a combination of marketing and a viral campaign.

But there are a couple of big challenges ahead of the ad campaign: Getting the ads in front of people, and getting the word out.

“You’re going to see a lot of very large, very high-dollar, high-quality brands start using this ad and really thinking about it,” says Chris Nevin, a managing partner at advertising agency AdAge who has worked with Juul for more than a decade.

The company is targeting an audience that is highly fragmented, but it’s also targeting people with different demographics.

“We’re hoping to be able to target a group that may not be aware that we’re using the word juul in a particular ad,” he says.

It’s also important to remember that this ad is a trial run.

Juul is testing its advertising approach, not an actual ad campaign.

So while the campaign is free, you’ll still need to pay for the ad to run.

If the ad is successful, Juul will start making money from ads like this one.

For now, the company’s hoping that it can convince people that its juul service is a viable option for those looking for free trial time.

“The goal is to reach people who may not otherwise be aware of this product,” Nevin says.

“But they do have an opportunity to be a juul customer.”

It’s not just advertisers that are taking notice.

A study from the University of Illinois says the word juice has been a big hit among teens.

The survey found that nearly two-thirds of people aged 18 to 24 say they’ve heard of juul, and nearly half of people over 25.

But the Juul ad shows the company trying to appeal to a younger demographic, too.

The ad features two young men in the United States, one wearing a Juul shirt and the other sporting a Juuls mask, all looking at a smartphone screen.

One of the men says, “We just got this juice.

It has zero calories, zero carbs, and zero fat.”

The other responds, “I’m really excited.

I want to get juul.”

The ad’s narrator adds, “It’s really easy to get it.

Juuls Juice has all the ingredients you need to get your juul.

Just get on the phone and call Juuls.”

But Juul’s juul campaign is a big part of the company.

That includes ads in the Chicago Tribune and USA Today, as well as in the New York Times, New York Daily News, the Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Network.

“Juul has really taken on the role of the media giant of the 21st century,” Niven says.

That’s important because it could ultimately have a significant impact on how other companies try to reach consumers.

“It is one thing to be the brand that people have come to know and trust, but to be an advertising giant?”

Nevin adds.

Juules marketing has a long history of trying to build a relationship with consumers, including a long relationship with the New Jersey Assembly.

The Juul campaign uses a similar type of messaging to the one that the state’s legislature is currently using, which is called the Assembly Budget Act.

“This is a state that is a leader in this area, and it’s really important to us to build relationships with the state and with the people who live in that state,” says Jennifer Sivak, an executive director at the state Senate.

“I think we really feel that we can do that with Juuls.

The state has a really large, diverse community of consumers, and so the idea of reaching out to a broader segment of consumers is really important.”

Juul isn’t the only company trying the juuul marketing approach.

Another company is trying a similar approach.

A lot of companies are trying to connect with millennials by using social media and a variety of other methods.

But some have yet to figure out how to make their ads work in real-time with consumers.

The problem is, people aren’t necessarily ready to embrace social media or get connected to the people they’re trying to reach.

JuUL has its work cut out for it, too, because the company is focused on building a business that works for advertisers.

It hasn’t had a real-world experience yet with that.

“If you’ve got to use something as simple as a phone app, it’s not going to work,” says Nevin.

“There are a lot more tools and services out there that you can use to reach a broader audience, and you can get it done in real time.”

Juuls Juul ads run on Facebook and Twitter.

The ads appear in the Tribune, the New Yorker, and The Wall St Journal.

They’re also in the Los

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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