How I broke the viral ‘Duterte scandal’

The world is in a dark place.

The Trump administration is trying to put us back in a world of fear, a world where we can never hope to be free.

But there is hope.

In the US, a group of students from the University of Maryland is taking action to end the Trump administration’s fearmongering on drugs.

On November 13, the group of 20 students released an op-ed entitled, “We Are Not Victims: A Plan for Ending the Drug War,” in which they call for the US to decriminalize drugs.

They argue that the drug war is a “systematic attack on social justice,” that the government has failed to address the issue of poverty, and that its “drug war has no place in the 21st century.”

They also argue that “drug prohibition does not lead to the reduction of crime, nor does it increase it.

The evidence points to the opposite, and the U.S. has a history of failure to do so.”

The students, who hail from the Baltimore-Washington region, were inspired to make the op-amartment after witnessing the brutality and deaths that the war on drugs has caused in the US.

In October, a Baltimore-based group called the Black Alliance for Just Drugs released a report that found that in 2015, over 5,000 people were killed by police officers across the country.

The group cited an “epidemic of mass incarceration,” and stated that “the criminalization of drugs in the United States has led to increased police brutality and increased incarceration, a public health crisis.”

The group called for “a national conversation about the drug crisis” that they believe is “not just a discussion about policing and the war in America, but a conversation about drug policy.”

The op-advice was shared widely on social media, and by Wednesday, the students had received hundreds of messages from people around the world who want to join them.

One message read: “I feel like this country is falling apart.”

Another wrote: “We need to stop this war and get to the bottom of the drug epidemic.

What does it cost us to keep people in prison for years on end?”

The students have created a campaign called “The Black Lives Matter Initiative,” which has received over 4,000 responses.

The initiative aims to educate people about the criminalization and social injustice that are happening to the communities they live in.

In a statement to The Washington Post, they said, “Black lives matter is about building power to break down barriers to education, employment, health care, housing, and so much more.”

They are also organizing protests around the country to demand an end to the drug prohibition.

They are also working to create a new organization called “Black Lives Matter,” which aims to “challenge systemic racism and class oppression.”

We are not victims, the Black Lives Matters Initiative has said.

We are a movement for a better future.

We want a society where everyone has access to basic human rights.

We want a world without mass incarceration.

We do not want to see our communities of color locked up behind bars forever.

We will be fighting for an end, they wrote.

We can only continue to do this when we see this world change and change for the better, they added.

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