An ad campaign by the Hawaii Star advertiser to help boost the star’s profile may have inadvertently led to misleading advertising

Google News is home to a number of articles that try to convince you to buy an article or to read a story that’s misleading.

We’ve all been there.

But when a news source tells you it’s a great article, you have to ask yourself: Does it really make sense?

Google’s recently updated AdWords guidelines require that all headlines and content are vetted to ensure that they’re not misleading.

However, they also note that there are some situations where “advertising” can be misleading: When it comes to a topic or industry, it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly what’s being said about that topic or what the intended audience might be.

That’s where an ad can come in.

Advertisers can target people who might not know the content but may be interested in the topic or company, Google says.

The most common type of ad is an informational ad.

In an informational article, for example, an advertiser might say something like “Here are some of the latest news about the Hawaiian Star, a family owned and operated news outlet that has been covering the Hawaiian Islands since 1916.”

In a typical informational ad, the headline might say “This article will give you the facts about the star,” or “This story will show you how you can be a part of this exciting new chapter in Hawaiian news.”

An ad could also say, “Learn more about the HawaiiStar,” or even “Watch this short video to see how the Hawaii Stars can change your life.”

For more information on the topic of this article, check out this article from the Honolulu Star.

In the meantime, you can always visit the Hawaiian Stars website for more information.

The article is below.

The Honolulu Star has been named by AdAge as one of the top news and information sites for families and millennials.

AdAge’s 2017 rankings ranked the Honolulu Stars as the top family news source in the U.S., followed by ABC News.

In addition to its local coverage, the Star has the Hawaii News Network and Hawaiian Business Journal as well as the Honolulu City News and the Hawaii Sun.

The Star also has several other publications in the Hawaiian Business category.

The Hawaii Star is a weekly print edition that covers Hawaii and the island states, as well the history, culture and history of Hawaii.

The newspaper is distributed through newspapers in the region, as are several digital publications.

You can read more about AdAge magazine and here.

Ad Age is a leader in digital journalism, delivering a comprehensive digital portfolio to more than 4.5 million consumers.

Adage is the world’s largest digital media company.

Learn more about how to connect with Ad Age at

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